RCC Drilling & Diamond Cutting

RCC Drilling & Diamond Cutting

Wall & Wire Saw Cutting Works

A Wall & Wire Sawing method for cutting buildings, dams, bridge piers, foundations and other reinforcedconcrete structures is exhibited. This method is characterized by laying a rail on a reinforced concrete structure and using a moving type blade driving machine which pulls the blade for cutting and drives it circularly while the machine itself moves, together in series with a fixed type blade driving machine which drivesthe rotating blade for cutting. The blade for cutting is circularly driven while its running speed and rotation are adjusted by the blade diameter driving system.

Diamond Wall & Wire Sawing

why do countless nuclear contractors, construction firms and industrial facility managers rely on Cutting Technologies and our diamond Wall Sawing? Because it is :-

  • Fast - to keep pace with your outage and construction timeline
  • Flexible - to access restrictive jobsites without disrupting regular operations
  • Precise - to ensure surgical accuracy for your retrofitting, reengineering and reconstruction